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Xclusive is a unique multi chain based NFT marketplace

There is nothing like the same thing as Xclusive

Xclusive is a unique multi chain based NFT marketplace.
Xclusive is a NFT marketplace service under ‘Finger Labs’, a research institute specializing in blockchain strategy and development, FSN affiliate.


It supports Klaytn, Ethereum and Polygon chains and allows free transactions with various tokens/coins.
  • Users can trade with any token/coin on the chain they want.
  • It Supports Klaytn (Klay, Favor, SIX)
  • It Supports Ethereum (ETH, XENO)
  • It Supports Polygon (Matic, ETH)

Exclusive NFT

Provides services to help companies enter the NFT market and grow bigger.
  • Its own launchpad to support the start of NFT projects (Various projects are planned starting with BELLYGOM NFT)
  • Collection of promotion that supports various on/off-line products or services using NFT

User First Features

Provide specialized functions focusing on maximizing convenience in consideration of different user characteristics.
  • Various functions will be continuously updated based on each user’s situation, such as ‘Offer Price Mark’ to classify meaningless price proposals, ‘Related Tab’ to view related NFT all in one etc.
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Xclusive Features

1. Offer Price Mark that distinguishes meaningless price offers
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When the offer price is 30% or more lower than the selling price / current bid / previous transaction price, the offer price is displayed in red​.
  • Use decimal points to prevent ​deceptive price proposals
  • Able to quickly find meaningful offers among numerous offers for whale holders
2. Related Tab to view related NFT projects all in one
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Provides a tab function that allows you to view related NFT projects at once
  • Find related NFT projects at once without searching NFT projects one by one Check all relevant NFT projects at once
3. Quick Stats confirmation page
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NFT project information can be checked quickly by hovering the mouse.
  • Number of NFTs, Number of Holders, Floor Price, Total Transaction Volume
  • Easily check the information of multiple NFT projects for quick comparison of information between projects.
4. And so on.
Various features that have not yet been introduced are scheduled to be updated soon. Please stay tuned!
With the multi-chain NFT marketplace service that enables secondary transactions, Starting with the BELLYGOM Launchpad, we are ready for more launchpads that will help various companies enter the NFT market in the future.
We will continue to show you more. We will create a new NFT ecosystem with companies, NFT projects, and users. Join us on Xclusive's journey!
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