Xclusive Global


  • Xclusive is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum, Klaytn, Polygon, BSC.
  • We are running a 0% service fee event in the Xclusive beta version. (22.08.31 ~ until the end)
  • Xclusive Marketplace is selectively listing NFT projects to prevent scams or ragpools. If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding project listing, please send an e-mail to the collection-request tab of the Discord channel or [email protected], and we will respond shortly.
I'm curious about Xclusive's fee and loyalty policy.
Xclusive is running a 0% service fee event as a marketplace open event.
For the loyalty policy, it applies from 0%-10% to the royalty specified by the NFT project team.
Why do I have to convert between WETH and WKLAY??
WETH and WKLAY wrap ETH and KLAY In other words, it means packing ETH and KLAY.
For NFTs at a fixed price, you can purchase them directly with ETH and KLAY, but you will need Wrapped ETH and KLAY to proceed with an offer at a desired price or to proceed with a bid. The reasons for this are briefly explained as below.
ETH and KLAY are the main tokens of the chain, and the buyer/seller itself must call the transaction. When a transaction proceeds on each chain, it is possible to transfer ETH and KLAY only if you execute it yourself.
However, in Xclusive's Make offer or bid, when the offerer offers a price, the sale is made when the creator or owner accepts the offer. In other words, the price is offered first, but while the actual transaction is on-going, the seller accepts and calls the transaction.
It is the ERC-20 and KIP-7 standards that make this possible. And the way to operate according to this standard is the process of ETH and KLAY Wrap.
WETH has a value of ETH and WKLAY is 1:1 with KLAY. (Wrap and Unwrap are available but a certain amount of gas fee is incurred during conversion.)