Xclusive Global


  • .Xclusive is a multi-chain NFT marketplace that supports Ethereum and Klaytn.
- For Klaytn chain, KLAY / Favor / SIX
- For Ethereum chain, ETH / XNO. ( * For ETH and KLAY, you can proceed through wrap in WETH and WKLAY when making a proposal/bidding.)
  • We are running a 0% service fee event in the Xclusive beta version. (22.08.31 ~ until the end)
  • Xclusive Marketplace is selectively listing NFT projects to prevent scams or ragpools. If you have any suggestions or inquiries regarding project listing, please send an e-mail to the collection-request tab of the Discord channel or [email protected], and we will respond shortly.
I'm curious about Xclusive's fee and loyalty policy.
Why do I have to convert between WETH and WKLAY??
Where can I check the transaction history?