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Metamask wallet settings

Ethereum 기반의 메타마스크 지갑 설정방법입니다.

1. Download the Metamask wallet from the Chrome Web Store

Download link:

2. Click "Create wallet"

3. Enter your password and press "Create"

4. Check the secret recovery phrase and confirm by "choose in order"

5. The account has been created and you can change the account name in Settings

The account name is optional and can be modified later.

6. Add tokens

Search and add tokens.
1. Open Metamask and click "import tokens" in the lower right corner.
2. Select "import tokens" > custom token.
3. Enter the address you want to add in the token contract address and click the 'add custom token' button.
XENO: 0xc03a652EfbBACfABDE37Cd66c7A4Ff4332F7186c
4. You can check the added tokens on the wallet main screen.
You can find more information about Metamask through the link below.