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NFT Marketplace first transaction event

Trade NFTs at Xclusive and Get 100 Favors!

To celebrate the launch of Korea's best multi-chain NFT marketplace where secondary transactions are possible, Xclusive is holding an event to activate Klaytn NFT projects' transactions. 😊
Date: From Sep.17 -10.14, 4 weeks in total
*One winner each wallet *We plan to monitor abnormal transactions (eg, transactions with prices significantly lower than the market price) *After the event period is over, it will be announced shortly.

[Xclusive First transaction event announcement 2.0]

From second week, to fully support the activation of the Klaytn NFT project teams, the first trading event will be held for the NFT projects selected below. (Please check the list of NFT projects for the first trading event below!)
  • Second week Event Date: Sep.24 00:00~Sep.30 23:59
  • Prize: 100 Favor token airdrop, random 50 sellers & 50 buyers
  • Participants: users who traded (purchased/sold) NFts in the NFT project list for the first time in Xclusive during the event period
First transcation event NFT project list